Contribution from customer - Raymond Herd - Thanks Raymond!

G'day David,

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my new Ali-lite Trailer.

The day I picked it up I travelled with a friend riding a Suzuki DL1000 chook chaser (at my request) through every back road and bitumen track in the mountains between Wangaratta and Merton on the way home to Melbourne, just to get the feel of it and to get to know it better.

I quickly realised that the preload on my rear shock absorbers of my Honda CB1300 needed to go to the next level when towing to prevent the bike from bottoming out or wallowing on steep downhill bumps and that one needed to start braking about 10 metres or so before normal but other than that, all was as you said it would be and I did not know the trailer was behind me.

My friend on the Suzuki had a turn on the Honda and felt the same way.

A few days later several of us headed off to Victor Harbour for the SA Odyssey and with the new shock absorber setup, the bike and trailer performed even better than day one and delivered all that I could have hoped for when fully loaded with all but the kitchen sink and under medium quick touring conditions, on all types of roads and weather conditions, including sections of typical Victorian high wind and rain.

Our trip took us from Melbourne down the Great Ocean Road on day one staying the night at Portland. Day 2 we meandered up the back roads to Dunkeld, Halls Gap and then on to Horsham. Day three, we rode in blustery and rainy conditions via the back roads visiting many small towns along the way to Tailem Bend where we stayed the night before pushing on the into Victor Harbor the next day.

All through the journey the trailer performed faultlessly.

Along the way I received many enquiries for details about the trailer from riders heading East towards Melbourne for the MotoGP, some from as far afield as Geraldton in WA. All were equally impressed with the concept, design and build of the Ali-Lite trailer so you may pick up a few referrals from that.

On Monday after the Odyssey ended, the weather turned very sour with high gusting winds and rain squalls so the group decided to make a dash for Melbourne travelling along the Great Western Highway and I almost made it home without mishap!

As we came down the slide into Melbourne and turned onto the ring road in a howling gale and hailstones I felt the back of the bike making the slightest of squirming motions and put it down to the high winds pushing the trailer around. It was now very late in the day (around 6pm) and getting quite dark and the further I travelled along the ring road, the more convinced I was that I may have suffered a slow leak in a trailer tyre or back wheel of the bike.

I stopped a couple of times when I got into the suburbs to check the tyres but all seemed to be ok so I kept going and it wasn't until I pulled into the garage at home that I realised the rear tyre on the bike was completely flat.

Why am I telling you all this you ask?

Simply because I am convinced that the trailer helped stabilise the bike in the atrocious conditions and without it I may well have come off the bike. A flat rear tyre on the bike is not something I want under any conditions but am pleased to say this story has a happy ending.

I am very pleased with the trailer David, how it performs, looks and tows and are more than happy for you to use me as a referee for anyone who wants a second opinion or a chat with someone who has one of your trailers.

Look forward to catching up with you again in the future.

Best Regards,

Raymond Herd #28347


Ulysses Melbourne Branch