Contribution from customer - Rob Rurade - Thanks Rob!

Hello David

I've been meaning to drop you an email for some time and are prompted by your letter in Riding On Magazine.

I bought a trailer from you late last year to tow behind a Suzuki DL1000 Vstrom. The object was to get the weight of the panniers off the bike.

Holiday accommodation was going to be holiday units, park cabins etc.

Started to get a bit expensive so we decided to use a tent as we have done for many years. I don't like nylon dome tents, so a quality canvas tent was purchased. The light trailer suddenly became fully loaded.

Clothes, bedding, pillows, tent, air mattress and so on. We forgot what a mongrel thing air mattress' are and after 2 nights updated our camping to a cabin. We may have to rethink next years holiday.

Now the trailer.

Traveling home I noticed a quick wobble of the handle bars produced a wobble in the trailer. Holding the bars still, the trailer gave only a couple of minor wobbles before it settled in behind the bike. In a normal evasive maneuver demonstrated by going in and out of the white lines, the trailer was simply non existent and followed the bike. Whilst on holiday with a fully loaded trailer (130kg all up on scales) the trailer demonstrated similar characteristics.

Driving a truck and trailer for a living, I noticed the bike trailer was similar. It tended to push the bike tighter into the turn if braking into a corner whilst accelerating from a bend pulled the bike outwards towards the edge of the road or white line. As with the truck the simple answer was to brake before the corner, hold a steady speed through the corner and accelerate at the exit. For most part the trailer was barely noticeable. It towed beautifully.

Problems. None really. The LH wheel hub ran a bit warmer than it should. I kept an eye on it by checking every 80 - 100km. It settled down after around 300 km once the bearings bedded in. It still rattles on bumps whether loaded or empty. One spring seems to have slightly more bend than the other and therefore doesn't contact the frame with the same force. It's only noticeable around town. Out the road you can't hear it. (We are working on those spring rattles Rob - simply an annoying characteristic of leaf springs!)

Modifications (cosmetic only) Had to stick on a few bullet holes being gun metal grey and a Ulyssus sticker. I also had made some small plaques that read "DO NOT sit or stand on trailer pull". These were stuck on the trailer pull as I have heard of bikes being knocked off the side stand.

The route chosen was a good test for a fully laden trailer. Werribee - Wodonga - Khancoban - Jyndabine - Cooma - Merimbula (via Browns Mountain- great fun) and returning via Lakes Entrance. The trailer got a lot of attention from other motorcyclist whilst on holiday. We praised the Ali-lite trailer and passed on your name and whereabouts to others.

Hopefully you pick up a few sales. I noticed in you letter that you compare your trailer to cheaper versions. Don't underestimate your trailer. It is excellent quality at a reasonable price. Many are much dearer. I have full confidence with the trailer behind the bike and look forward to our next outing. (I also have a friend who is rather fussy and critical but the build quality of the your trailer impressed him, so it must be good).

Many thanks for your helpful and courteous manner during my purchase. Your assistance was appreciated.


Robert & Kerryann Rurade.