Extras & Spares

LED Tail Lights

We have responded to many requests for these, and have developed a new wider bodied rear end to suit. The "plus" kit includes this new wide rear end plus 3 pairs of super bright LED's.

1 pair of each of the following:- Indicators - Stop/Tail - Number Plate

The "plus" kit is now available on all new orders.

On trailer pic's available now. Night1, Night2, Day1, Day2, Day3.

Bumper Bars

These are now available as and extra on all models. Picture

Independent Suspension

We have received a number of requests for IRS. As of February 2006 we have an IRS option pack available.

We have completed testing a Deluxe plus with Ikon adjustable springs/shocks, RHS "Duragal" suspension arms and bronze pivot bushes. (Yes with grease nipples!)

Feedback from testing is very favourable, with minor refinements added to subsequent units.

A weight saving of 6Kg's has been possible, which means a Mid Tourer will weigh in at around 50Kg's!

Many thanks to John Adams for his positive constructive comments during the testing process. (See gallery pic with GS 1150)

Development pics - IRS1, IRS2, IRS3.

Spare Parts

Spare parts are readily available for all trailers.

Spare wheels, tyres, swivel hitches are usually in stock or available within 5 working days.

Smaller items such as replacement stickers, pin striping, reflectors, mudflaps, bearing kits etc, are always in stock.

Please call or email for prices or special requests.

Shipping available Australia wide!