Ali-Lite motorcycle trailers consist of two main components, namely the body and the chassis. The body is fabricated from 2mm 5005 sheet aluminium, with all panel sheets plasma cut and cold folded to form the shapes required.

The individual panels are then tacked together. Once all the panels and guards are in place the body is the fully MIG welded from the inside. This process in itself, imparts great strength and rigidity to the body.

To complete the assembly process, and to ensure a totally one piece body, a TIG welder is used to fuse the outside of the joints together.

Grinding and sanding of the body is the next process, and all joints are carefully rounded to form a 5mm radius.

The body is then etch primed and any small imperfections removed.

Three top coats are applied with clear finish over coating metallic colours.

Lids are formed using the same process and 20mm tubing rails are TIG welded in place.

Our chassis consists of a main spar of 50mm square RHS Duragal and 50x25mm lateral supports.

These are fully welded and sealed to avoid water penetrating the tubing.

Once assembled, the chassis undergoes a similar process of etch priming and painting as the body.

Black is the standard colour for the chassis.

The engineers certified swivel hitch is assembled separately, then welded into place on the chassis.

It boasts a 25mm spindle to ensure rigidity even under the heaviest of loads and a grease nipple for maintaining a smooth even swivel action.

A 25mm spring steel washer ensures that no "play" is present in the swivel, this mechanism is now adjustable and replaceable.

Wherever possible, all fittings are 316 grade stainless steel and all nuts used are Nyloc, to avoid any loosening of vital components on your long trips away.

A marine grade weather strip around the lid lip, seals out dust and water and the body is fully lined with marine grade material.

Ali-Lite is proud of the quality and workmanship in it's trailers.

Ask around - many riders are too!